Grove Avenue, LEED for Homes highlights

The Grove Avenue project earned LEED Gold certification under the LEED for Homes program, which offers third-party verification for the design and construction of high-performing, environmentally sensitive homes. Highlights of the Grove Avenue project’s sustainable features are listed below.

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Location + Linkages
The density of Richmond
  • Within ½ mile of 14 basic community services
  • Within ½ mile of a public park
  • Access to existing infrastructure
Sustainable Sites
Native sedums provide a carpet of seasonal color throughout the year and a variety of native plants further enhance the space while providing habitat for various fauna such as birds and butterflies.
  • Landscaping composed of native and drought-tolerant plants
  • Heat island effect reduced with high-albedo materials on all hardscapes
  • Roof runoff managed by a green roof and permanent rainwater harvesting system
  • Raingarden captures overflow from rainwater harvesting system
Water Efficiency
  • Rainwater harvesting system collects rainwater for irrigation

    RainHOG rainwater collection
  • High-efficiency fixtures throughout
Energy + Atmosphere

The south facade features both photovoltaic and solar thermal collectors.

  • Overall energy performance exceeds the requirements of ENERGY STAR for Homes
  • 6kW photovoltaic array reduces grid dependency
  • Solar thermal array provides domestic hot water
  • No HCFC refrigerants in HVAC system
Materials + Resources
  • Material-efficient framing practices
  • Environmentally-preferable products, including low-VOC and locally produced materials
  • Construction waste is sorted and recyclable and salvageable materials are diverted from the landfill
Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Automatic timers enhance local exhaust measures
  • ENERGY STAR labeled bathroom exhaust fans
  • Air filters meet or exceed MERV 13
  • Shoe removal + storage space at the main entry controls indoor contaminants
  • Lack of garage reduces occupant exposure to indoor pollutants
Awareness + Education
  • Enhanced training provides homeowner with the information needed to operate the home’s systems most efficiently
  • Public awareness of the benefits of LEED for Homes enhanced through tours of the project and Web coverage
Innovation + Design